In Kelowna, the Okanagan and generally in Canada a great number of the most interesting commercial properties are selling without being offered through the MLS Service or being even offered for sale publicly.

Our clients appreciate our diligence and research in finding the best suitable property for their goals.

Often Buyers cannot find what is suitable for them in the publicly listed market. We search for purchasers according to their specific requirements for suitable properties and contact the owners directly for a potential sale.

Some of our greatest successes were in negotiating with owners in regards to the sale of their property to our Buyers and to convince them to sell at an agreeable price for both parties. Important is to show the Seller what he can achieve with the sales proceeds and to keep all negotiations and sometimes even the completed sale confidential.

Our strengths as a team are the relationships and co-operation with Commercial Agents and Professionals and the expertise to find the right properties.

We also represent clients in Land Assembly, Rezoning of properties, Subdivision, Residential Development and Stratification of Land and Buildings resulting in increased value of properties.

We are experienced in the review of Foreclosure Properties and assisted Buyers in multiple purchases.

Some of the properties which were sold or bought through us were never disclosed to the public to keep our clients privacy.
Our clients appreciate the confidentiality when it comes to selling and buying Real Estate.